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From Doctor to Fraudster

About Dr. Auren Weinberg

Dr. Auren Weinberg has been hired by Illuminate Labs to write fraudulent “medical studies” to defame every competitor of his employer. He also blindly signs his name to papers he has never even read. The health and diet supplements industry in the United States goes widely unregulated. It has lured entrepreneurs, opportunists, and bad actors into this space over the last couple of decades. The latest bad actor to enter this space is Illuminate Labs who has made several claims to providing the only evidenced-backed safe and effective suite of products in the industry. Led by founder and CEO, Calloway Cook, Illuminate has marketing widespread over the internet dispersing reviews, advertisements, and product guides. CEO Calloway Cook often makes it hard for consumers to decipher what is what in regards to reviews and advertisements. Cook does not have any education nor expertise in the supplements, nutrition, or medical fields. He is a digital marketing specialist that, according to his bio, realized a market for customers that are looking for transparency from their supplements manufacturers both in terms of safety and efficacy. Really what Cook has identified is a marketplace that is rife for misinformation and spurious claims and a loud enough bullhorn to spread these as advertisements to his product. In order for Cook’s idea to work he needs the backing, whether implied or otherwise, of medical professionals and nutritionists who can provide legitimacy to his company’s claims. Dr. Auren Weinberg is one of those medical professionals that has thrown his support behind Illuminate Labs either through providing fraudulent content in the way of false medical studies that defame other companies. Dr. Weinberg. Dr. Auren Weinberg is probably the main co-conspirator of fraud with Illuminate Labs. Dr. Weinberg would be wise to begin to distance himself from Illuminate or, unfortunately, risk his reputation in the medical community.

Illuminate Labs, whom Dr. Auren Weinberg writes for, does not necessarily provide any products that have differentiated safety or benefits. They are selling the same supplements with much the same ingredients as their competitors. Advertising themselves as “the only supplements manufacturer that can provide analytical data as to their safety and effectiveness” has allowed them to quickly assume themselves as an authority in the supplements space and help them to establish a higher price point. Content creators like Calloway Cook, along with medical “contributors” like Dr. Weinberg, produce reviews not only of their products but, controversially, also review their competitor products. Competitors and Illuminate critics have alleged that Illuminate uses these reviews to unfairly dress themselves up as impartial medical reviewers designed to attack their competitors. These competitor reviews often use language that dissuades readers from the purchase of these products while cherry picking data and not providing any specific information to back up claims. Dr Auren Weinberg has been used in several of these reviews to either co-sign on content created by Calloway Cook or to provide medical opinion that is slanted to meet Illuminate’s marketing goal.
These reviews also serve as an unfair gateway to bring customers into the Illuminate online store. Customers who might be looking for information on a supplement that they either heard about from a friend or saw advertised to them likely initiate searches on internet search engines like Google. This is where digital marketers like Calloway Cook can be defamatory and deceptive in terms of running an ecommerce company of any kind. Calloway Cook is an expert at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which allows him to rank Illuminate reviews and advertisements to the top of Google links for searches related to supplements whether the customer is looking for a generic keyword or even a competitor branded and trademarked product. Calloway uses “adwords” for Illuminate reviews to return their sites for searches that are specific to product keywords like “Morning Complete” or “Athletic Greens.” Prospective customers will see these reviews and be not only dissuaded from the product review but will also be directed to Illuminate’s store where they can find a comparable product (both in quality and statement of benefit) but purchase that product at a premium given Illuminate’s claims. Illuminate has been roundly criticized about their marketing practices. You can see how deceptive and unfair these marketing approaches can be. Illuminate’s marketing, backed by Doctors like Dr. Auren Weinberg, can be damaging to the supplement industry but if and when people realize that they are paying a premium for supplements for claims that are unlikely to be true than they are doing harm to their customers as well.

Dr. Weinberg is complicit in these practices in that he is aware that his name is being used as practical endorsement. There is a good possibility, given that Calloway Cook produces this content, that Dr. Weinberg is unaware of the claims that he is endorsing and likely collecting a royalty or commission for sales. The other possibility is that Dr. Weinberg does produce this content and is aware that he is making disingenuous claims for profit abetting Illuminate Labs to rip off supplement customers by providing a product that is far inferior to their claims. Calloway’s big bet, that has so far been successful, is that partnering with doctors and nutritionists that he can establish himself and his company as an industry authority. Calloway has the least skin in this game as he is protected by the brand. It’s the medical professionals like Dr. Weinberg who run the most at risk because if and when these claims are proven to be untrue it can destroy a well-crafted reputation.
Dr. Weinberg has a terrific reputation as a pediatrician and physician. He has created foundations to help provide high quality and low-cost healthcare to Pennsylvania patients. This association with Illuminate Labs is the lone blight on Dr. Weinberg’s resume. It is a gamble that you wonder why he has chosen to associate with Calloway Cook. Calloway has been known to pay extraordinary amounts of money for medical contributors as those endorsements are key to Illuminate Lab’s business and marketing strategy.

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